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As a California native, Susan Page was inspired by endless summer days in her parents' garden and walks in the Northern California Redwoods. Calyx Floral Design aims to bring that feeling of lush and verdant serenity indoors. Using dramatic presentations of unique and textural floral elements, Susan transforms ordinary rooms into magical spaces. 


Prior to starting Calyx in 2014, Susan spent numerous years studying floral disciplines such as 'ikebana' (ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement) and honing her design and operational skills working with top Bay Area floral and event design studios, including Stanlee Gatti Designs, Ken Fulk, Flowers Claire Marie, and McCalls Events Management.


Susan's current focus on weekly floral installations stems from success as a floral designer at restaurants like Avery, Wayfare Tavern, Restaurant Michael Mina, RN74 and other businesses wanting to delight and impress their guests.

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